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Adapter Sleeves For Bearings

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Payment Terms: T/T
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Packing: Plastic-bag Box ...
Delivery Date: By Sea/By Air
Brand Name: ADP
Certificate: ISO9001
Export Area: Global
Cooperative Company: TUV
Adapter sleeves are using for locating bearings with a tapered bore onto a cylindrical seating as they can be used on smooth or stepped shafts. They are easy to mount and require no additional location on the shaft. When adapter sleeves are used on smooth shafts, the bearing can be located at any position on the shaft. When used on stepped shafts, together with an abutment ring, bearings can be accurately positioned axially and bearing dismounting is also facilitated
Basic design
ADP adapter sleeves are supplied complete with lock nut and locking device. Smaller sizes use a lock nut with a locking washer, larger sizes use a nut with locking clip. The sleeves are slotted and have an external taper of 1:12. ADP supplies–metric adapter sleeves, series designations H and OH–metric adapter sleeves for shafts with inch dimensions, series designations HA, HE and HS–adapter sleeves with inch dimensions, series designations SNW and SNP
The materials using in ADP adapter sleeves are carbon steel with a tensile strength at least 430N /mm2,
The dimensions of metric ADP adapter sleeves are in accordance with ISO 2982-1:1995; except the bore diameter of metric sleeves for inch shafts.The dimensions of ADP adapter sleeves with inch dimensions are in accordance with ANSI/ABMA Std. 8.2-1991.
The bore diameter of metric ADP adapter sleeves is to tolerance JS9, the width to h15.The tolerances of ADP adapter sleeves with inch dimensions are in accordance with ANSI/ABMA Std. 8.2-1991.
Metric ADP adapter sleeves up to size 40 have metric threads with 6g tolerances, according to ISO 965-3:1998. Larger adapter sleeves have metric trapezoidal threads with 7e tolerances, according to ISO 2903:1993.ADP adapter sleeves with inch dimensions up to and including size 64 (12 inch shaft diameter) have Unified Special Form threads (based on the old American National form, class 3 design). Larger sleeves have Acme Class 3G, General Purpose threads.
Shaft tolerances
Generally, the form tolerances must be kept within narrow limits as the accuracy of form directly affects the running accuracy of the bearing. shafts should be to an h9 tolerance but the cylindricity should be to IT5/2 according to ISO 1101:2004.
H204  H205  H206  H207  H208  H209  H210  H211  H212  H213  H214  H215  H216  H217  H218  H219  H220  H221 H222
H304  H305  H306  H307  H308  H309  H310  H311  H312  H313  H314  H315  H316  H317  H318  H319  H320  H321   H322
H3120  H3122  H3124  H3126  H3128  H3130  H3132  H3134  H3136  H3138  H3140  H3144  H3148  H3152  H3156  H3160  H3164  H3168  H3172  H3176  H3180  H3184  H3188  H3192   H3196
H3024  H3026  H3028  H3030  H3032  H3034  H3036  H3038  H3040  H3044  H3048  H3052  H3056  H3060  H3064  H3068  H3072  H3076  H3080  H3084  H3088  H3092   H3096
H2304  H2305  H2306  H2307  H2308  H2309  H2310  H2311  H2312  H2313  H2314  H2315  H2316  H2317  H2318  H2319  H2320  H2321  H2322  H2324  H2326  H2328  H2330  H2332  H2334  H2336  H2338  H2340  H2344  H2348  H2352   H2356

PRODUCT DETAIL Adapter sleeves d1 17-50mm

Adapter sleeves d1 17-50mm

H204 H205 H206 H207 H208 H209 H210 H211
PRODUCT DETAIL adapter sleeve d1 55-135mm

adapter sleeve d1 55-135mm

H212 -H222,H312-H3122,H2312-H2330,H3120-H3130
PRODUCT DETAIL Adapter sleeve for bearings

Adapter sleeve for bearings

PRODUCT DETAIL Adapter Sleeve for bearings

Adapter Sleeve for bearings

PRODUCT DETAIL adapter sleeve d1 140-180mm

adapter sleeve d1 140-180mm